Why reupholster?

Reupholstery is not always the first option that gets considered when a piece of furniture is worn and tired.

Customers often expect that it is not worth refurbishing their items and it is easier to replace them. However, there are many good reasons to explore having your furniture reupholstered with us.


One of the main attractions of reupholstery is that you are in full control of how your furniture will look. When buying new, there may be options- such as a limited range of fabric and leg choices- but with reupholstery the design is in your hands. You can choose from any of our large selection of fabrics- and our suppliers have even more online- we can change the legs, cushion fillings, cushion style, trims, edging and borders. An old wingback chair can become a unique statement piece, or a mismatched suite can sit harmoniously together. Choosing your furniture upholstery puts you in charge, rather than the retailer.


If you have invested in a quality piece of furniture already, the structure of your piece- the springs and frame- will still be like new years after the fabric has gone out of fashion, fallen apart or no longer matches your décor. It is likely that even a similar piece at a similar price will not be made to the same quality as the furniture you bought 15 years ago. To retain your investment, have the item reupholstered.

We use high quality sundries and fabrics to restore you item. All of our upholstery fabrics are appropriately fire treated, come with details regarding their durability, make up and cleaning instructions. We also have a range specifically resistant to stains and pets.


Refurbishing a piece of furniture is much better for the environment than buying new. Each year thousands of pieces of furniture are sent to landfill, as only 17% of items are reupholstered or recycled. New furniture has a much higher carbon footprint, since the majority of the material and manufacturing facilities are based around the globe. Your piece of furniture will be reupholstered locally in Cheshire, reducing miles of shipping.

Most of our fabrics are produced in Europe, with a large proportion in the UK. They are produced by companies with a focus on the environment, including offsetting their CO2, powering mills with renewable energy, producing vegan fabrics, sustainably sourcing natural materials and making their synthetics out of recycled/recyclable materials.


Purchasing a new piece of furniture can be difficult. Not only do you need to find the type of piece you are after, but one that comes in a fabric that suits your style, taste and décor. It can be hard to visualise it in your home and whether or not it will fit. In comparison, reupholstery means you only have to think about what fabric you would like. We can bring samples to your home then collect and deliver your pieces for you.

Supporting British Businesses

As the vast majority of furniture is imported into the UK, the British furniture industry has declined substantially. By reupholstering your furniture with Richard Williams Upholstery you will not only be supporting our local company, but our UK based sundry and fabric suppliers too.

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