Terms & Conditions

Booking in
To book your work into our schedule we will need to have a finalised description of the work, provided a full quote and taken a deposit. If we are supplying the fabric for the order then the deposit will be 30% of the total quote including VAT or the full cost of the fabric, which ever is the greater. If the customer is supplying the fabric then the deposit will be 20% of the total quote including VAT.
If a booking is cancelled by the customer, deposits are non refundable. Any cases where a refund of the deposit is carried out is done fully at our discretion. In this circumstance, if the deposit has been used to order your fabric we will offer you the fabric purchased and any remainder of the deposit.

A deposit is required to book a job into our work schedule. The deposit will be 30% of the total quote (inc VAT) or the full price of the fabric, which ever is the greater. If we are not supplying the fabric then the deposit will be 20% of the total quote (inc VAT).The decision to wave the deposit is at staff discretion.
The remainder of the bill will be payable on completion of the job. We do not offer payment plans, credit or accounts at this time. All payments must be made in a timely manner. Payments can be made in cash, by debit or credit card or via BACS.
Sometimes events beyond our control, such as out of stock fabrics or effects of COVID19 on production/availability of materials, will effect the start/completion date of a job. We apologise for this, however if you choose to cancel your booking due to this your deposit is still non refundable and we do not offer a ‘delay’ discount.

Our Fabrics
All fabrics supplied by Richard Williams Upholstery will meet the required legal fire retardancy specifications under the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989, 1993 & 2010), either through application of an FR coating or by using a suitable fabric interliner.
We can provide information and make recommendations regarding the durabilityand suitability of different materials. However, the final decision rests with the customer and we will not take any responsibility for issues that arise from choosing a fabric we have advised against. If there are issues with a fabric we recommended/provided, we can liaise with the fabric company who supplied it to resolve the situation.

All fabrics should be used as advised. We do not take any responsibility for misuse, non standard use, deliberate damage or accidental damage.
Fabrics with a pile- eg velvet, chenille, velour, etc- will get pile marks through use. This is the nature of the fabric and not a fault.

Fabric produced in different batches may vary slightly from each other. If you want matching/additional items in the same fabric at a later date, there may be a shade difference. Ask us to order you a free sample from the batch available to cofirm that they match what you have already received. If this service is waived we cannot take responsibility for any slight differences between the batches of fabric.

We can make suggestions/recommendations on fabrics, however the final decision always rests with the customer. Customers are advised to make full use of our free sample and book loan service to ensure they are 100% happy with their material choice. Richard Williams Upholstery will not provide a discount or free replacement service because the fabric does not match decor/is not liked. If work needs to be redone or alternative fabric ordered, it will be charged at full price.

Leather is an organic product and comes with scars, stretch marks and other natural characteristics. Whilst we will try to avoid placement of natural marks in noticable areas, they are not a flaw in the material. Also, due to the organic nature of the product there may be a slight difference in shade between hides of the same colourway. Again this is the nature of the material, not a flaw. If you have concerns regarding this they need to be raised before your job is started.
Leather can be pierced or scratched, care must be taken when wearing clothing with studs, sharp buttons, etc.

Different kinds of leather will require different levels of after care. Annaline and semi annaline leathers require looking after to maintain their appearance. We can give advice on how to care for your leather however the responsibility to follow this advice and maintain the product lies with the customer.

Customer Supplied Fabrics
We are happy to give advise on fabric, however when fabrics are supplied by the customer it is their responsibility to ensure the fabric is of a suitable retardancy and durability. It is also their responsibility to provide enough fabric for the required work. Where there is not enough fabric we may need to make changes to the design, layout or quality of pattern match (where applicable).
It is the customers responsibility to ensure there are no faults in the fabric, or that an allowance has been made to compensate for avoiding any faults present.

If there are issues in the future with the fabric, such as lack of durability, stretching, extreme piling, etc, Richard Williams Upholstery will not take any responsibility for this, as we did not supply the material.

Wood Polishing
Whilst we can liaise with a wood polisher to refurbish/repair your furniture, if there are any issues with this service it is up to the customer to resolve this with the polisher directly. Richard Williams Upholstery are not able to rectify, refund or discount this service on their behalf.

Pets should not be allowed on upholstered furniture, as they can cause more damage in a few months than multiple years of normal use. If you are intending to allow your pets on your furniture, please be aware that the stated durability of the fabric will not be accurate to that treatment. We will not take any responsibility for the reduced lifetime of your upholstery caused by pets.

General Complaints
We do not want any of our customers to be unhappy with any work they receive from us. As the nature of our work can vary piece by piece, all complaints and issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We will endeavour to come to a solution that is agreeable to all parties.

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